2022 Performance

In July I wrote a few short stories about the individuals contained within CAPTCHA™ web authentication panes. Elaborating on the digitally-native and banal daily existence of these users, stories were told about mid-level DJ decks streaming to twitch, small claims disputes over stolen gaming computer property, checking job application CVs in the cloud via McDonalds carpark free wifi. Precarity and individuality, because you’re worth it®. Unrequited obscenities came across the sound system, because that is the internet.

These stories were delivered at an event called Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects, curated by Laura McLean, Joel Stern and Mark Andrejevic — presented by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society and Liquid Architecture.

Video shot by Kenneth Suico

20 July 2022

2/401 Swanston St.