Post-it Kino

2008-2011 Performance

‘Emile’s Post-It ™ Kino is the abject reality of what cinema has become – or more precisely, how it has reduced itself to such a state through trumpeting the power of ‘the script’. His performances are part-pitch, part-direction, part-analysis, part-expose, part-revival, part-review. His faux-Power Point ™ presentation – playing film music to a DVD screen playing not a DVD but the Pong-like screen-saver, atop which he slams Post-It ™ notes to evoke the unfolding of a typical cinematic scene – is a willful bastardization of just about everything cinema employs to define itself now. When he holds up a scrap of paper scrawled with the THX ™ logo and moves it into the live camera lens in mimicry of George Lucas’ mystical dry-humping of low-end anal tickling, it is clear that his presentations are the most desultory of ‘multi-media’. This is apt: ‘multi-media’ is now the province of IT start-up executives who think YouTube ™ video mash-ups are radical. Emile’s dismissal of the ‘high-end’ of cinema combined with his brutish e-office-worker mechanisms acknowledge that even the most bargain-basement of addled brains can register how dumbly effective cinematic effects have become.’
– Philip Brophy catalogue essay

Full essay ‘Enlarge Your Penis Now’

Selected performances:
Unheard Film Festival Amsterdam 13 March 2009
Lost and Found Amsterdam 21 December 2008
Chinese European Art Center Xiamen China 17 October 2008
Netherlands Film Festival Utrecht 29 September 2008
Next Wave Festival May 2008 Commisioned by Tai Snaith