Five Production Company Logos in 3D

2010 Video

Diane Tanzer Gallery + Projects Melbourne April 2-23 2011

Urzsula Dawkins review in Realtime 103 ‘Signalling, not clowning’

Philip Brophy catalogue essay ‘Ego Logos & Euclidean Cum Shots

Original audio by Adam Milburn

Emile Zile’s Five Production Company Logos In 3D presents an imaginary ‘real man’ behind these grandiose charades born of selfimportant declaration. Just as design company CEOs probably come in their pants when they look at their Maya-rendered fonts casting shadows on planets, so are Emile’s hands ‘working magic’ as he performs aerial jack-offs synchronised to Adam Milburn’s gilded melodic refrains. His hysterical hand movements hilariously replicate the excessive overload of those corporate logos which move around like Jane Fonda doing Zumba on crack. Best of all, it simply looks like Emile is masturbating as if he uses some amazing technique to whack a super load into our faces. Which is exactly what the proud designers of those gleaming chromed star-cruiser logo-ships imagine they’re doing. And a grand tradition it is, for what is Coke’s ‘dynamic ribbon’ but the allusion to a frothy foaming cum shot.
– Philip Brophy, January 2011

Performed to audio created in the guise of fictional cinematic intro sequences, here 3D modeling is reduced to hand movements. Constructed spontaneous gestures and painterly hand motions, emerging and fading in short-lived blooms against the unadorned white walls of an assumed gallery medium. Though gestural hand motion implies stroke, the piece also mines the history of the video format as a medium for effects, motioning toward cursor or hardware driven art-forms. Paint without paint. The online video format sublimated against itself – given form against the absence of overt post-production.
– Ry David Bradley, December 2010