Goodiepal • Gåoedjîpeirl • Gæoudjiparl

Goodiepal has a mission. Goodiepal is a brilliant thinker. Take Goodiepal seriously.

I first met Goodiepal at Impakt festival in Utrecht 2005 CE. At the time he was traveling with a mechanical bird and a constellation of model planets. The performance he enacted was beguilling, charming, open and expansive, the audience in the small theatre were utterly transfixed. I then travelled with Annemiek and Goodiepal to Rotterdam where he performed at De Player the following night.

I find him utterly engrossing and provocative, and recently had the pleasure of another ascent into Goodiepal’s theories, this time at the weekly sound art session DNK in Amsterdam. A hyper-extended theory of time and space, music creation and digital transmission, evolution, memes, genes and dreams. The intelligences of water and electricity, the future of recorded music and electronic music composition. His condensed school program ‘mort aux vaches extra ekstra’ can be sourced from the following location, get comfortable and prepare for primitive future shock:

goodie1 goodie2 goodie3

Sun Ra’s Myth Science Arkestra • ZXZY Festival, Tilburg

A rare chance to witness the outernational, innerspace cosmonauts live in the unsuspecting Dutch town of Tilburg. We arrived in Tillers, downed a quick La Chouffe, then T-dance and me checked out the local library’s exhibition of Sun Ra promo material, original LP cover designs and screenprints. The big band was comprised of new and old faces, led by the 84 year-young elfen-wizard band leader Marshall Allen. The Arkestra played for three hours and transmitted beta waves and beta music through all present. Beta music for a beta world.

Essay by David Stowe on the Ark in Space From Ephrata (F-Ra-Ta) to Arkestra
Website of the Arkestra
ZXZW Tilburg festival

Mark Boulous • All That Is Solid Melts Into The Air (2008)

the most impressive video installation i have seen in a long time, currently on at STEDELIJK museum POSTCS amsterdam.

two large 16:9 screens facing eachother, a line of seating along one wall.

screen A: interviews with members of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) a guerilla group committed to the redistribution of wealth in their local communities, namely by the sabotage of ROYAL DUTCH SHELL oil wells on their land. mostly handheld shots, interviews, a threatening encounter with local hunter, a euphoric ‘miami vice’-like ride through the river with MEND warriors toting guns, wearing colourful woolen balaclavas encrusted with talismanic protectors.

screen B: scenes from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, traders screaming and selling, trading futures with hand gestures and noise, their own physical signifiers, coloured suits and flags, talismanic toys on their desks, interspersed with shots of the exchange, cold surfaces, the clean edges of capital, the ‘death from above’ of international trading, the detached forces that very directly change peoples lives around the world. mainly tripod shots, close-ups on abstract decimals.

groups of men, men fighting, trading, arguing, clusters of men on missions.

forcing the audience to see one or the other is a bold decision, the audience is on the equator looking left into the southern hemisphere or right into the north. i’m a sucker for these fuzzy binaries, this simple and powerful conceit to symmetry.

this work is at 16th SYDNEY biennale, go see it if you’re in sin city.

stedelijk museum interview with M.BOULOS


she peers out from behind bullet proof glass, wry smile at the onlookers. adoring fans. people shooting low-resolution snaps of an icon. like a throng at an airport documenting the arrival of a movie star. crowd barriers. elbow to elbow.

a scrum ten ppl deep. canon sony olympus flashes going off. two bored guards looking on. an audience with the smile, protected behind glass and layers of art history. she must get tired at the end of the day. strobing flashes in the face. child on dad’s shoulders getting a glimpse.

at first i was star-struck. i refused to walk around the wall and see this image. how do i know it really exists? the reproduction is so much more palatable.