In Search Of New Alliances

Five Production Company Logos in 3D showing in a group show at P.ART Zwolle,

curated by Edwin Stolk/The Organisation.

Participating artists:


22 JANUARY – 4 MARCH 2012

Bring Your Own Light Emitting Visual Display Technology

One-night only. Powerboards and extension leads. Pixels and beams.

Featuring: Gavan Blau, Sally Blenheim, Ry David Bradley, Amiel Courtin-Wilson, Greatest Hits, Ian Haig, Joe Hamilton, Sam Hancocks, Sean Healy, Christopher LG Hill, Amelia Hirschauer, Spencer Lai, Matt Leaf, Maximum Rim, Rowan McNaught, Dale Nason, Antuong Nguyen + Pageant,  Joshua Petherick, Johann Rashid, Sibling, Soda Jerk, Swanbrero, Nic Tammens, Alex Vivian, Oliver van der Lugt, Yandell Walton, Marcin Wojcik, Warran Wright, Wikileaks, Emile Zile

Level 1, 18 Ellis Street, South Yarra
Friday, December 16 2011 7-11pm

Balkan and South-East Europe over-identification trilogy

1. Laibach – Predictions of Fire 1996

In the early 80’s, an industrial rock band named Laibach emerged out of the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia. Incorporating what many took to be fascist imagery in their performances, they shocked this small Balkan republic and, after signing a recording contract with London’s prestigious Mute Records label, went on to shock the rest of the world as well. Laibach was soon joined by a painting group, IRWIN, and theater group, Red Pilot, at the helm of one of the most ambitious and cutting-edge arts collectives in the world. Modeled after a socialist state bureaucracy, and calling themselves Neue Slowenische Kunst (New Slovenian Arts, or NSK), these three groups became the titular heads of a micro-state within the independent republic of Slovenia. NSK recently began issuing its own passports and opened embassies and consulates in Moscow, Berlin, Ghent, Florence, and in the US.

2. Aleksandra Domanovic – Turbo Sculpture 2010

Turbo Sculpture is questioning the emergence of a new kind of public art in ex-Yougoslav republics. The title of the video is a reference to Turbofolk, a popular style of music from the Balkans that freely samples traditional and contemporary sources. A sculpture of Bruce Lee, or of Rocky are politically neutral and common cultural references for the different communities that were at war for over a decade in the 1990s. While the war time Turbo Culture was mostly associated with exaggerated nationalism, almost pornographic kitsch and crime glorification, the post war Turbo boldly contrasts nationalist xenophobia while retaining its stylistic identity.

3. BBC4 – Nicolae Ceausescu, The King of Communism 2003

Nicolae Ceausescu created a unique personality cult in the 1970s and 1980s, transforming communist Romania into one of the strangest regimes Europe has ever seen. Newspapers had to mention his name 40 times on every page, factory workers spent months rehearsing dance routines dressed as soldiers and gymnasts for huge shows at which thousands of citizens were lined up to form the words Nicolae Ceausescu with their bodies. When the Romanian economy and living standards plummeted in the 1980s, the line between theatre and life blurred completely. Ceausescu went on working visits to the countryside where he inspected displays of meat and fruit made out of polystyrene, and closer to home began work on what would have been the largest palace in the world. At the final parade in 1989, workers walked past their leader to the sound of taped chants and applause.

I left facebook last week

tired of the mirrors, noise and eyes.

tired of prickly, intimate and fleshy human relationships being flattened into ‘friend’-nodes, the erasure of myth by constant visibility and exhausting availability.

what kind of network society do i want to support? a closed compound of willingly data-mined crayons or an open net of chance and unpredictability?

if facebook is the brightly-lit suburban mall of internet communication, i want to be under the bridges; in the torrent-swapping irc channels, small social networks, anonymous message boards and darker locations thriving with their own individual languages and codes.

tired of feeling exposed, of being infantilised, of being farmed.

the incessant ‘now’ of FB started to infect my creative process; making for ‘blip’ attention spans and the enormous appetite of the beast, as Geert Lovink puts it ‘feeding a machine’. I want to think in longer time frames to make deeper work.

tired of feelings of interpassivity and the formless mild angst it instills in me; spectacle 2.0 and the build-your-own-ego-ghetto.

hello friends, goodbye facebook.

Southern Hemisphere State of Mind • Museum Night doof at NIMk Amsterdam

Producing the event and performing as DJ Bushdoof this Saturday at Netherlands Institute for Media Art, Amsterdam. Museum Night 2010, from 22.00-02.00. NIMk has a busy public program starting at 7pm, we wind up the night with a big doofing party. Selector Tiny Tim is bringing fresh Jamaican bashment and live MC’s, the visuals are arriving via filetransfer services as I type; Mexico, London, Melbourne, New York and Amsterdam Oost.

DJ Bushdoof
Sensiriti Sound w/ MC
Visuals by
Maximum Rim (Australia)
Yoshi Sodeoka (Japan/U.S.A.)
TV aka Clickjaw (Mexico/Australia)
Flyer image by Antuong Nguyen of Maximum Rim.

B.Y.O.B. #2 Athens Kunsthalle

Bring Your Own Beamer group exhibition curated by Angelo Plessas

Athens Kunsthalle, 23 October 2010

Participating Artists: Alexandros Georgiou, Alexandros Psychoulis, Aliki Panagiotopoulou, Amateurboyz, Andreas Angelidakis, Angelo Plessas, Anne de Vries, Billy Rennekamp, Dimitris Foutris, Dimitris Papadatos, Dionisis Kavallieratos, Eftihis Patsourakis, Emile Zile, Irini Karayannopoulou, Ioanna Myrka, Georgia Sagri, Katerina Kana, Kostis Velonis, Lakis & Aris Ionas/The Callas, Mai Ueda, Makis Faros, Mano Plizzi, Maria Papadimitriou, Natasha Papadopoulou, Pantelis Pantelopoulos, Pegy Zali, Petros Moris, Poka-Yio, Rafaël Rozendaal, Sifis Lykakis, Spiros Hadjidjanos, The Erasers, Theo Michael, Theodoros D Giannakis, Vassilis, Patmios Karouk

Saturday 23rd October 2010, 8 p.m.

Kerameikou 28 str., Kerameikos – Metaxourgeio, Athens

Κunsthalle Athena has the honour to host “Bring your own beamer” (BYOB) event, an “exemplary” and crucial gesture supporting creative expression in a period of financial, social and cultural crisis.

“Bring your own beamer” (BYOB) exhibition comprises an edition of a broader set of events organised by different artists in different cities every time. In every occasion the organisers choose the participating artists with the aim to experiment and discover “what will occur in site when it is filled with moving light”.

In this special evening, under the acronym BYOB (a symbolic reference to bring your own booze parties), artists are invited to bring their own beamer and present any work they choose in any place they desire to. It is a case of “presenting” moving images and performances in a DIY context, expected to evolve organically in progress of the evening. Therefore, a significant aspect of BYOB’s concept is to be realized without the financial support of any third parties beyond the immediate participants.

The first BYOB event was held with great success in Büro Friedrich, Berlin with the initiative of Rafaël Rozendaal and Anne de Vries. Now, curated by Angelo Plessas, BYOB makes its second worldwide appearance in Kunsthalle Athena. All the artists will attend the event, even those who are not based in Athens, so you are welcomed to contact them. Complementary to the event and during the night a joined performance will take place by artist Angelo Plessas and japanese artist Mai Ueda followed by DJ sets from Amateur Boys and Emile Zile.

DJ Bushdoof Euro summer shows

Bushdoof representing for ‘SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE STATE OF MIND’.

Full event data available at

4 July DE SERVICE GARAGE CLOSING, ROOFTOP PARTY w/ Baba Electronica, DJ Amaral, DJ Lonely.


Saturday 24 July + Saturday 31 July ROOF TERRACE OF KRAAIENNEST PARKING GARAGE, BIJLMER w/ Baba Electronica, DJ Amaral, DJ Lonely