RMIT ACMI AudienceLab

BAITHOUSE – Henry Lai-Pyne, Emile Zile, Audrey Pfister, Liam Wolfs, Babs Rapeport

BAITHOUSE is a 3D animated motion-capture livestream talk show. Using live motion capture, physical performance and animation, guests and hosts will be presented in a constructed digital world and in conversation with one another. As an expanded form of hybrid public programming, performance and critical discourse BAITHOUSE is a new digital and artistic platform that will host hyper-threaded conversations around networked technologies, contemporary aesthetics and new media. Accessible to view online and presented as a hybrid live event for local audiences BAITHOUSE invites guest artists, writers, academics, and designers from across Australia to engage in Q&As and discussion around swamp technology, digital life, and internet (sub-)cultures.

Session times: 11.30am, 1pm & 2.30pm
ACMI Fed Square 16/03/24