ACMI Gallery 5 commission ‘We Are As Gods’

ACMI Gallery 5 – We Are As Gods
We Are as Gods explores the informal, spontaneous commentary that accompanies cooperative videogame streaming. Through a series of portraits of gamers in the act of live streaming, we hear dialogue that is simultaneously directed at the players themselves, at a remote audience, at a rival player of the game and at anonymous third parties. Using longform recording, stream of consciousness rants and animation, We Are As Gods seeks to find the human in the network, the flesh in the data packet.

Work commissioned through Gallery 5 will enter the ACMI collection.

Many thanks to Senior Curator Fiona Trigg for her focus and patience and Jini Maxwell, Isabella Hone-Saunders at Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Visual FX don Henry Lai-Pyne for being the best in the game, Web maestro Simon Lofler for the clickable NPC streaming interactivity, Flood Slicer for the green screen studio and all Mountain Dew drinkers out there preparing to raid.

Showing now online at ACMI;