Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects


Curated by Mark Andrejevic, Laura McLean, and Joel Stern, this free experimental program at Miscellania club features artists, musicians, writers and researchers thinking with and against the logic of digital automation, algorithmic culture, and AI in order to trouble and subvert systems that extract, aggregate, model, and predict.

With performances and presentations by Monica Lim, Sean Dockray, Mara MacDonald, Vaughan Wozniek O’Connor, Roslyn Orlando, Emile Zile, Zacharius Szumer, Jathan Sadowski, Tom Smith, Sahej Rahal, Shareeka Helaluddin, Karen Ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato.

Zacharias Szumer will explore the uncanny valley through chess and music—two forms of ‘play’ that have been breeding grounds for new combinations of machine and human intelligence.

Host of ‘This Machine Kills’ podcast, Jathan Sadowski will perform, “I am the Score Machine”, a poetic speculative scenario from the point of view of different actors in the system: the algorithm, the city, the glitch, the citizen.

Monica Lim will deploy tracking and recognition software to create compositions of words, sounds, and facial expressions.

Roslyn Orlando will reenact the recent conversation between a Google engineer and LaMDA, Google’s artificially intelligent chatbot generator. You can decide if it is sentient.

Sean Dockray is thinking about his work just before falling asleep each night.

Karen Ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato will share works from their growing library of non-human books.

Vaughan Wozniek O’Connor will produce automatic drawings from geospatial tracking data.

akka (Shareeka Helaluddin) will weave discrete audio-threads extracted from, and fed back, into the room in the form of glitches and slippages.

Mara MacDonald (Mararara) will perform psycho-social-media reveries populated by distracted monologues and synthetic effects.

Emile Zile will grapple with CAPTCHA authentication devices on webpages, using their randomness to weave a tale of human pathos.

Thomas Smith will present an APVN, or Automated Personalised Video Narrative, produced in the year 2142 as one of trillions populating the Earth’s single remaining streaming and multimedia entertainment platform, Worldio.

Sahej Rahel will introduce an AI animated creature composed of a “consortium of ungoverned organs”, whose movements and cries are guided by the sounds of the crowd.

Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects is part of the 2022 ADM+S Symposium ‘Automated Societies: What Do We Need To Know?’ showcasing the Centre’s distinctive cross- and multi-disciplinary approach to automated systems and exploring a range of critical current and emerging problems, challenges, and conceptual questions.

Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects is presented by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society and Liquid Architecture.

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung as the Traditional Owners and sovereign custodians of the Country on which we practice. We extend our respects to their Elders past and present, and to all First Peoples.