4500 Lumens, NGV Triennial EXTRA Performance

4500 lumens
Emile Zile

Continuing with his ongoing interest in light as a carrier of information, be it the projected image, shadow play or expanded cinema performance, Emile Zile presents a new performance in the Gothic and Medieval galleries of NGV International for Triennial EXTRA. Referencing the scientific measurement of light and the once-new technology of the candle as a participant in the development of the Western artistic tradition, his new performance takes place in a subdued, dark environment surrounded by five hundred year old devotional wood carvings.

Emile Zile is an artist, filmmaker and performer. Utilising a darkly comical re-use of media broadcasts, communication protocols and online platforms, his work reflects a distributed humanity, a yearning for transcendence and the limits of language. Emile Zile is a PhD candidate at Digital Ethnography Research Centre RMIT and is profiled in ‘Australiana to Zeitgeist: an A to Z of Australian Contemporary Art’ 2017 Thames & Hudson and ‘Companion to Mobile Media Art’ 2020 Routledge.

Jan 29, Feb 3, 6, 8, 10, 12
8:00 – 8:20pm
Gallery 13 Level 1