Southern Hemisphere State of Mind • Museum Night doof at NIMk Amsterdam

Producing the event and performing as DJ Bushdoof this Saturday at Netherlands Institute for Media Art, Amsterdam. Museum Night 2010, from 22.00-02.00. NIMk has a busy public program starting at 7pm, we wind up the night with a big doofing party. Selector Tiny Tim is bringing fresh Jamaican bashment and live MC’s, the visuals are arriving via filetransfer services as I type; Mexico, London, Melbourne, New York and Amsterdam Oost.

DJ Bushdoof
Sensiriti Sound w/ MC
Visuals by
Maximum Rim (Australia)
Yoshi Sodeoka (Japan/U.S.A.)
TV aka Clickjaw (Mexico/Australia)
Flyer image by Antuong Nguyen of Maximum Rim.