MU Eindhoven • Funware 12 November 2010

This Friday night I will be in Eindhoven, providing musical accompaniment to Alexei Shulgin (386DX!) and Amy Alexander’s performances during the opening night of the Funware exhibition at Mu. Artists exhibiting include Adrian Ward, Amy Alexander, Annina Ruest, Bob Zimbinski, Carmen Weisskopf / Domagoj Smoljo / Roger Wigger, Christoph Haag / Franziska Windisch / Ludwig Zeller / Martin Rumori, Colin Green / Matthew Fuller / Simon Pope, Dave Griffiths / Aymeric Mansoux / Marloes de Valk, David Link, Electroboutique, Gazira Babeli, Joan Leandre, JODI, Jon Satrom / Ben Syverson, RTmark,

Freaks run the world. It is through fun that they invent what becomes our reality, even if their jokes are later updated to guide matters in unappetizing ways. Our society is built and managed by software. To understand how we can act in relation to such systems and how they are made, we need to get a sense of the energy that drives software, the energy based on fun. We can come closer to these practices through the territories that are in-between geeky humour, digital folklore, cultures of using conventional software, artistic software and history of computation. It is in the fact that exploration takes place through fun and the bizarre territories always exist that there is a hope for an open horizon.

Read an interview with curator Olga Goriunova on Rhizome

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