‘Forever’ music video for Love Of Diagrams

I finished post-production on this video just as the Melbourne band embark on a string of dates in the U.S.A, including shows at SXSW. Try to see them if you are in that neck of the woods. They will be touring with the equally awesome Beaches.

An occular assault edit of no-input analog video effects, courtesy of an old panasonic a/v mixer. Triangles, hexagons courtesy of final cut pro. My extended attention span courtesy of espresso and licorice.


Vimeo alternative http://vimeo.com/9934856

(but it looks so much more electrifying on a bright tube monitor)

Official clip for ‘Forever’ by Love Of Diagrams taken from the album Nowhere Forever
Unstable Ape Records, Melbourne
dir. Emile Zile 2010