Contemporary Semantics Beta • Amsterdam

A very meta group show organised by Constant Dullaart, opening Friday 13th February. I’m playing some digital music files through fx units at midnight – hyped party mix for the kunst lovers and culture mongers…

Contemporary Semantics Beta delicious show
Friday, February 13, 2009 at 8:00pm

Arti et Amicitiae
Rokin 112

Lets do a show in which, like is possible on, the inspiration that leads up to an art work is visable, but now physical, not only existing as a jpeg or url (it can be a poster reproduction of a Malevich, a remake of a sculpture, a print out etc etc). And show this together with the final work that this inspiration led to. A show in which it is clear that influences the participating artists by sharing their references, thereby aiding their research. A show that discusses the development of contemperary semantics in net-art 2 point oooh, by showing different aproaches of artists dealing with the vast information flow of the internet, its dialectics and developing anthropological values. The fact that these mostly young artists are dealing with an abundance of visual representations of previous non net art, and the flirtation with kitch, trash and popculture which dominates the internets will play a big part in the show.

participating artists:

Ola Vasiljeva
Harm van Den dorpel
Pascual Sisto
Martijn Hendriks
Ryan Barone
Guthrie Lonergan
Jan Robert Leegte
Constant Dullaart
Frank Koolen
Jon Rafman
Chris Coy
Ellis McDonald

Opening Friday the thirteenth of Februari from 8 pm till 00.00 am, with automated d.j.-ing.