Two DVDs and a VCD • Nasty Nets, Cyclus, 666

Nasty Nets

a compilation of found files, internet readymades and home-made animations. nasty nets internet surfing club’s collection of stoner, primitive 8bit animations, nostalgia for the dawn of personal computing, LOL CATS, midi files and compression artifacts. disc is dvd-rom with many of the original files included as data. self-aware amateurism as defense against the unrelenting speed of technological change. dvd production funded by rhizome.


compilation of video art on reproduction included in an issue of the ‘mister motley’ nederlands art mag, disc is authored to loop constantly, eject and re-insert for a new artwork, nice idea. much less A.D.D. than nasty nets, longer sequences of classical vid art + animation + performances. some very fine works on this disc. yet i am suprised by the silence. if there is an audio track present it is only the registration of the performance on video. maybe this is by design, slow moving looping visions for your plasma, but it feels like occular bias. where is the soundtrack? produced by park 4dtv.


acquired from an african supermarket in dapperplein, east of amsterdam – 666 is a tale of retribution, salvation, devilish posession and good vs evil. this nollywood disc has fine villains, doing their best to act menacing and creepy in front of badly lit bluescreens. persevere through the good guy Pastor Lazarus trying to convert the sinners at the bar and then relish in the balding pot bellied beelzebub acquiring souls for the pit of eternal infernal darkness. awesome nigerian video-cinema. produced by the don of nollywood kenneth okonkwo, directed by ugoo ugbor.