Russia 3 Netherlands 1 • in GUUS they trust

you are now about to witness the strength of GUUS knowledge.

holland were unimaginative and paralysed by russia, uselessly attacking through the centre repeatedly and being stopped by russias stonewall defense. very classy performance by the ruskis. lovely second goal, tap off the ankle from an extreme cross.

after helping S.KOREA, AUTRALIA and now RUSSIA perform beyond the sum of their parts in big tournaments, GUUS HIDDINK deserves a CUP OF BEER and a VEGEMITE SANDWICH. when will he assist LATVIA to win the world cup ?

now all i want to see is a RUSSIA v. TURKEY final, two non-EU countries in the euro cup final.

i watched the match on a plasma through the window of an 18century pub in amsterdam, sitting in the street while the orange facepaint slowly dripped off the supporters faces, and their plastic hats got crumpled and stained. very sad last drinks.

‘carn the cossacks…