Gerrit Rietveld Academy • grad show 2008

two audiovisual works caught my eye:

A short documentary by SINA KHANI, an Iranian-born German living in Amsterdam. First he exalts the power of cinema and television, then releases air captured from a Mosque into a Church in a sequence titled EXHALAL, finds a field to recreate a scene from THE SOUND OF MUSIC, meditates on the power of cinematography and celebrates the day’s shooting with a KEBAB and a COFFEE. He is a very comfortable comic performer, openly asking the cameraman if he is overacting or not. The video was installed on a flimsy table next to a plastic DONER KEBAB takeaway sign. A very free and activated use of sound. Interuptions and cuts. Non-diegetic sound and crash endings.


A song by Mr. Khani “Let’s not hate the Americans”

May 28, Rode Bioscoop Amsterdam

Danish photographer EVA MARIE RODBRO‘s video ‘FUCK YOU KISS ME’ presents the lives of a group of teenagers living in a snowed-in, northern community, it could be LAPPLAND or ICELAND or NORWAY, i dont know. Black and white DV footage that is about to fracture with iced-out beauty and banality. A scandanavian KIDS with no Harmony K in sight. Mundane activities documented in cabins. Kids trying out new crunk dance moves. Slicing open a polar bear’s chest cavity. Slam dunks on a snow covered court. An observational doco with minimal dialogue, superbly controlled timing and a whole SLAB of atmosphere. i need to see her next work in a cinema not on a stool.