Philip Brophy — Screenic: Politicised Writings on Being Screened

Philip Brophy
Screenic: Politicised Writings on Being Screened
290 pages, softcover, 110 × 180 mm
Edition of 700
ISBN 978-1-7635372-1-7

Discipline is pleased to announce its latest title, Screenic: Politicised Writings on Being Screened—an anthology of Philip Brophy’s writing on art over the last twenty-five years. The focus of the selection is on art that involves screens: projected as film in museums, digitised for installations in galleries, curated as documents within exhibitions, presented as outdoor illuminations on buildings, utilised for the production of VR and AI-generated content, and even wall murals derived from televisual screens. The driver for the writing of these articles is an interest in media literacy within fine art contexts. Together, the articles reinforce the view that ongoing changes taking place in the mediascape over the last two decades create challenges for artists, producers, curators, viewers, and critics—sometimes resulting in a rejuvenation of how media art can be imagined and presented, other times evidencing an anaemic grasp of the contemporary mediascape that whorls outside the white cube.

Screenic has been designed by James Vinciguerra and Duncan Blachford, and printed in Narrm/Melbourne by Documents on Call. It features a preface by Helen Hughes, an introduction by Emile Zile, and has been edited by Olga Bennett.

The Reader

The reader is the audience. The reader is the market. The reader is the critic. The reader is the buyer. The reader is the voice in your head.

Over the course of the Stallholder Fair, Emile Zile will read publicly, privately, obviously, convulsively, discreetly, silently, annoyingly, desperately, lazily.

Melbourne Art Book Fair
23 May – 02 June
Great Hall, NGV International
180 Saint Kilda Road, Southbank Melbourne, VIC, Australia

RMIT ACMI AudienceLab

BAITHOUSE – Henry Lai-Pyne, Emile Zile, Audrey Pfister, Liam Wolfs, Babs Rapeport

BAITHOUSE is a 3D animated motion-capture livestream talk show. Using live motion capture, physical performance and animation, guests and hosts will be presented in a constructed digital world and in conversation with one another. As an expanded form of hybrid public programming, performance and critical discourse BAITHOUSE is a new digital and artistic platform that will host hyper-threaded conversations around networked technologies, contemporary aesthetics and new media. Accessible to view online and presented as a hybrid live event for local audiences BAITHOUSE invites guest artists, writers, academics, and designers from across Australia to engage in Q&As and discussion around swamp technology, digital life, and internet (sub-)cultures.

Session times: 11.30am, 1pm & 2.30pm
ACMI Fed Square 16/03/24

ACMI Gallery 5 commission ‘We Are As Gods’

ACMI Gallery 5 – We Are As Gods
We Are as Gods explores the informal, spontaneous commentary that accompanies cooperative videogame streaming. Through a series of portraits of gamers in the act of live streaming, we hear dialogue that is simultaneously directed at the players themselves, at a remote audience, at a rival player of the game and at anonymous third parties. Using longform recording, stream of consciousness rants and animation, We Are As Gods seeks to find the human in the network, the flesh in the data packet.

Work commissioned through Gallery 5 will enter the ACMI collection.

Many thanks to Senior Curator Fiona Trigg for her focus and patience and Jini Maxwell, Isabella Hone-Saunders at Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Visual FX don Henry Lai-Pyne for being the best in the game, Web maestro Simon Lofler for the clickable NPC streaming interactivity, Flood Slicer for the green screen studio and all Mountain Dew drinkers out there preparing to raid.

Showing now online at ACMI;

Millionaire Hotseat

In the early 00’s I made a video about my experience of appearing on The Price is Right television game show. You can watch it on Vimeo; Larry Emdur’s Suit.

Today at 5pm AEDT [November 1 2023] I’m appearing on Channel 9’s Millionaire Hotseat with Eddie McGuire. My lifelong meta-artwork to be on every TV gameshow continues.

Adelaide Film Festival, EXPAND Lab 2023

Adelaide Film Festival (AFF) announced today the 30 participants selected to take part in AFF EXPAND Lab 2023. This intensive five-day Lab brings together some of Australia’s most creative and inventive artists, filmmakers and XR and VR practitioners in a development and commissioning process to foster new ideas for moving image artworks.

Following a national call for Expressions of Interest, 95 applications were received for the 30 places in the Lab (15 South Australian and 15 national participants). Participants will form teams during the Lab and develop concepts to pitch for the AFF/Samstag $100,000 Moving Image Commission. In addition, two projects will be selected for mentoring by Illuminate Adelaide and the Art Gallery of South Australia.

The mentors for 2023 AFF EXPAND Lab are time-bending digital artist DANIEL CROOKS, theatre maker & media artist ROBERT WALTON, highly respected moving image & film producer BRIDGET IKIN with video artist and filmmaker AMOS GEBHARDT joining as a mentor for the first part of the lab.

AFF EXPAND Lab is an initiative of Adelaide Film Festival with Samstag Museum of Art, Art Gallery of South Australia and Illuminate Adelaide. It is supported by Principal Partner The Balnaves Foundation and Arts South Australia.

Tully Arnot (NSW) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, XR/VR Creator

Max Brading (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, XR/VR Creator

Jake Bresanello (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Filmmaker

Thom Buchanan (SA) – Visual Artist

Linda Chen (ACT) – Writer, Performer

Marcus Chong (VIC) – Visual Artist, Filmmaker

Chloe de Brito (NSW) – Visual Artist, Filmmaker

Miles Dunne (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist

Nisa East (NSW) – Filmmaker, Cinematographer

Deborah Kelly (NSW) – Visual Artist

Isobel Knowles (VIC) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Filmmaker, XR/VR Creator

Bryce Kraehenbuehl (SA) – Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Videographer

Anna Lindner (SA) – Visual Artist, Filmmaker, Writer

Liang Xia Luscombe (VIC) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Filmmaker

Chris Luscri (VIC) – Filmmaker

Charlotte Mars (NSW) – Filmmaker

Orlando Mee (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, XR/VR Creator, Games Creative

Conor Mercury (SA) – Filmmaker

Kim Munro (SA) – Media Artist, Filmmaker

Yasemin Sabuncu (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Videographer, Games Creative

Ryan Sahb (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Filmmaker, Videographer

Cynthia Schwertsik (SA) – Visual Artist, Performance

Liam Somerville (SA) – Media Artist, Filmmaker, XR/VR Creator, Games Creative

Van Sowerwine (VIC) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Filmmaker, XR/VR Creator

Will Spartalis (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Filmmaker, Composer

Kate Vinen (NSW) – Filmmaker

Yandell Walton (VIC) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, XR/VR Creator

Raymond Zada (SA) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, XR/VR Creator

Emile Zile (VIC) – Visual Artist, Media Artist, Filmmaker

Test Sites, City of Melbourne 2023

I’m undertaking a Test Sites opportunity in October/November, supported by City of Melbourne. Generous support to test a public art idea and work with concepts of public space, private space, emotional engagement on the street, commercial and non-commercial interaction.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Test Sites program helps local artists test and develop their temporary public art ideas by providing practical advice, funding and support to work creatively in public space. The program increases local artists’ capability and confidence to work in the public realm through creative and professional development, support and mentoring, while engaging with the city, its sites and infrastructures as a place for creative expression.

Western Digital screening, Charleroi Belgium

LI-MA Presents: digital trees and talking machines
Saturday, 24 June, 2023 QUAI10 in Charleroi, Belgium
Programme: 20:30
Entrance: €6

LI-MA has had the honor to curate a digital art program taking place at arts center Quai10 in Charleroi during the festival Canaux, Pays-Bas x Pays-Noir.

Thanks to communication technologies working at the speed of light, we are everywhere, all the time. We are in constant contact with each other, but what does that mean, and what are the consequences? In this video screening programme, artists ask themselves and us how we are connected to each other and the surrounding landscape in technological times. Curator Sanneke Huisman selected six video works made between 1970 and now, which are each from the LI-MA collection. Together they show a broad palette of new relationships between people, landscape and technology through the lens of video art. A colorful procession of analogy tricks and digital techniques breaks through existing boundaries of the natural and the artificial. Find yourself surprised by early experiments with the video camera, get lost in a dilapidated digitized primeval forest and become familiar with the strangest AI creations. With works by Steina, Broersen & Lukács and Emile Zile, and more!

This event is made possible with the support of ‘Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Belgium’.

ACMI Podcast interview

Amber Gibson interviewed me about humour, performance, technology and gesture in her ongoing series that profiles artists working at ACMIX.

ACMIOnline · Making dark comedy with Emile Zile

Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects


Curated by Mark Andrejevic, Laura McLean, and Joel Stern, this free experimental program at Miscellania club features artists, musicians, writers and researchers thinking with and against the logic of digital automation, algorithmic culture, and AI in order to trouble and subvert systems that extract, aggregate, model, and predict.

With performances and presentations by Monica Lim, Sean Dockray, Mara MacDonald, Vaughan Wozniek O’Connor, Roslyn Orlando, Emile Zile, Zacharius Szumer, Jathan Sadowski, Tom Smith, Sahej Rahal, Shareeka Helaluddin, Karen Ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato.

Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects is part of the 2022 ADM+S Symposium ‘Automated Societies: What Do We Need To Know?’ showcasing the Centre’s distinctive cross- and multi-disciplinary approach to automated systems and exploring a range of critical current and emerging problems, challenges, and conceptual questions.

Logical Conclusions/Automation Effects is presented by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society and Liquid Architecture.