Springer Audiences

Audience portraits. Embalming and preserving.

Kings Gallery, Melbourne. March 24 – April 15 2006.

‘For his installation “Springer Audiences” (2006), Zile has collected photographs of Jerry Springer audience members over the last decade – all from his own vhs collection, youtube, and TV re-runs. The faces here are silent, half Francis Bacon’s Pope, half mug shot – screams of delight and anger frozen in motion.’
– Joni Taylor, Berlin 2010

Selected work


Artist Talk at C3

‘Unpacking sound, text and speech’
Wednesday 1 July, 6.30pm
Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

Mildura Biennale

2-5 October 2015

MARS gallery

screening Western Digital
28 May – 14 June
Melbourne, Australia