Essay film. Stream of windows. Caveman VJ. Office browsing.

*best*RapidEssayNSFW!! is a live video essay by Amsterdam-based Australian artist Emile Zile. It uses online and prepared video sources from YouTube, 24hour news streams, scientific trials, viral marketing blips, social software and monologues by .com-era cult leaders to weave an audiovisual portrait of contemporary culture and its acceleration of signs. As a live performance, *best*RapidEssayNSFW!! references the audiences’ familiarity with non-linear web browsing and ‘skimming’ content, yet slows down this practice by using audio effects, music and in-browser video manipulations to create a coherent whole. Using multiple sources of appropriated footage in a highly performative and audiovisually dense way, Zile creates a unified and traceable story through the live crafting of a video essay. – Video Vortex, Amsterdam 2011

March 12 2011 Video Vortex at Trouw Amsterdam
November 30 2011 Open Archive Melbourne

Selected work


Institutional Capture

Boggo Road Gaol
Brisbane, November 26 2014


Mes56, Jogjakarta
November 2014